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How frequently should you get your office’s air conditioning system serviced?

The consequence is that most of the time, you won’t notice the air conditioning at all. Generally speaking, you may anticipate your air conditioning system to endure a long time. However, regular servicing and maintenance are required to keep it working optimally, just as with any other system. Workplace air conditioning systems must be in […]

Is it necessary to maintain an office air conditioner on a regular basis?

Employees and customers benefit from air conditioning in their offices and meeting rooms because it helps to create environments that are both comfortable and productive. However, even while modern air conditioning systems are quite effective at maintaining appropriate temperatures, they, like many other vital pieces of equipment, need regular maintenance to ensure that they continue […]

What changes may we expect in commercial refrigeration over the next few decades?

As the necessity for food preservation grows, so will commercial refrigeration. Fresh products can only have a short shelf life if they are shipped and stored at low temperatures to avoid the growth of bacteria. Because of inefficient cold chains, the International Institute of Refrigeration estimates that food loss accounts for 20% of worldwide production […]

The next generation of refrigeration systems

This is unlike any other time in the history of the commercial refrigeration industry, which is enjoying a period of unprecedented innovation. The market is changing as a result of regulatory pressures, shifting consumer habits, and increasing customer demand for more efficient and environmentally friendly technologies. A wide variety of ecologically beneficial, operationally effective, and […]

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